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In this 40 page eBook, I expand on my most popular blog post of all time, to share stories behind what I wrote, stories from our life that everyone can relate to. Laugh, learn and be inspired by this crazy life we lead. Dana Brown Ritter, Author

The Blog that Started It All

Last summer I shared a post on our blog. It was a personal poem of sorts recounting the ups and downs of life as a wife caring for my husband. It is our most popular post that resounded as a sort of anthem for others in my position.

I invite you to read the blog post that inspired this e-book. "We Are"

Author Profile

Dana Brown Ritter is the author of the blog Love Like This Life where she candidly shares what life is like to juggle the busy life of journalism and caregiving. She's also written for Life In Action magazine,, Facing Disability and The Mobility Resource.

Dana married Michael Ritter, a C5/6 quadriplegic, in 2009 in a beautiful beach wedding on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

She's worked in the world of television news for 13 years as a news producer in Roanoke, VA, Hampton Roads, VA, Pittsburgh, PA and Washington, DC.

Dana makes her home in Virginia Beach, with husband Michael, Puggle Brokaw, and Katy the secret cat.

You can find out more about Dana and her husband Michael at Follow Dana on Twitter @danabrownritter